Go Lyrics Sunny Malton

Go Lyrics sung by Sunny Malton is the Latest English Rap song written by Sunny Malton and music given by Byg Byrd. Video is Released By Label Brown Boys Records. Go Lyrics Sunny Malton

Go Lyrics Credits:

Singer Sunny Malton
Music Byg Byrd
Song Writer Sunny Malton

Go Lyrics Official Video Song - Sunny Malton

Sunny Malton - Go Lyrics

I Know Something You Don't Know
Red Light Green Light All My Kilas On Go
Go Go Go... Go Go Go...

I Know Something You Don't Know
Red Light Green Light All My Kilas On Go
Go Go Go... Go Go Go...

I Started From The Bottom Why You Think They Show Me Love
I Pull The Plug On Your Plug For Thinking He The Plug
I Got Way Too Many Opps, You Won't Catch Me In The Club
I'm A All-star Baby But I Carry Me A Anub

Let It Fly At Any Minute Why You Think I Call It Zion
That Might Be Your Chick But My Di*k Is What She Be On

Call Of Duty Vision. I Be Shooting Like A Recon
I Go Dumb On These Beats
But Don't Compare Me To These Retards

God Damn It Baby I Got Money In My Flesh
If I'm Going For The Bag 6 Figures Nothing Less
They Say Love Is In The Air So You Know I Hold My Breath
If I'm Praying For My Enemies In Praying Fo Their Death

I Seen That Movie Joker Y'all Could Play That Role
Life Ain't No Poker I Ain't Finna Fold

Red Light Green Light All My Kilas On Go
I Seen A Bunch Of Homies Switch Without A Pick And Roll

Don't Compare Me To These Rappers That Be Raping In Punjabi
Motherfu*ker A Lultaan Cause That Homies A Punani
He Looking Like A Gandhi This Looking Like A Homie
Never Been Crowd Surfing But I'm Bout To Catch A Body

I'm Gunnin Like The Raptors Homie You Don't Know Me
He Claim To Be A 'og' But I Don't Know B

I Drink A 24 You Getting 8 Like Kobe
Fuck A Old Face App He Already Looks Like He 40
How You Talking Shit But You Living Out In Moose Jaw
2 To His Grill Leave Him With A Loose Jaw

I Ain't Finna Shoot Y'all This Is What I Do Dog
Grag Through Queens You A Bitch Like Ru Paul
What's You Think His Mask For This Is What's You Ask For
Why You Talking Shit Man, You Barely Got A Passport

Pull Up To Your Block Skirt Looking Like The Task Force
I'm Shooting Like A Militant You Leaving In A Black Hearse
Og Pumping Your Chest You Ain'y Breathing Dog
Fu*k A Pr He Gon' Give You Cpr

You Was Talking About My Fam I Can't Disregard
But I'm Nice Guy So We Ain't Getting Family Involved
How You Tryna Diss Me, Talking About My Hight
I Could Talk About Your Weight But I Don't Talk About What's Light

You A Nobody Puss* I Can't Talk About Your Life
When I See You Triple W, Just Know That It's On-site
I'm Swinging Like I'm Rambo Motherfu*ker Push Your Melon In
It Must Be Halloween They Got Me Beefing With A Skeleton

I Fight 1 On 1 I Never Rush Like Adrenaline
You Slim And You Shady But Puss* You Ain't Eminem
Who The Fu*k You Better Than, Stupid I'm A Visionary
You Gon' Need A Motherfu*ker Tutor And A Dictionary

How You Come Up Short Every Year Just Like You February
Pop A Bullet In Your Jeans Like That Shit Heredity

I'm At The Top That's Why He Envy Me
Most Vehla Panch*d You The Mvp
Fu*k Your Geet You Just Cheat On Your Mp3
Gandhi Paar Taan Vadhala Before You Come For Me

I Know Something You Don't Know
Red Light Green Light All My Kilas On Go
Go Go Go... Go Go Go...

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