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The chosen one lyrics Moonchild era Diljit Dosanjh is latest English Song, Diljit Dosanjh has written the song The chosen one Moonchild era Diljit Dosanjh Lyrics and has music by Modern Biology. Check English song lyrics in English here with video.
The chosen one lyrics Moonchild era Diljit Dosanjh English Song

The chosen one lyrics English Song Credits:

Movie : Moonchild Era
Singer : Diljit Dosanjh
Music : Modern Biology
Lyrics : Diljit Dosanjh

The chosen one lyrics Official Video Song

The chosen one lyrics Moonchild era Diljit Dosanjh | English song

I Am Blooming
It Is A New Beginning
Silence Is Speaking

My Life Experiences, My Mind,
My Thoughts, My Understanding
Has No More Importance

I Am Blooming
The Energy Within Me, Which I Was Unaware Of,
Has Awakened And It’s Flowing Inside Of Me

I’m Unaware Of Where This Flow Is Taking Me,
But I Have Fully Surrendered

The Energy Is Guiding Me
Everything That’s Happening,
it’s All Inside Of Me, Nothing Is Outside

I Am Blooming
I Am Blessed That Music Has Chosen Me
Sound Is Magic, That’s The Real Magic

I’m Intoxicated, Yet Fully Aware
I Am No Longer Myself
I Am Blooming

It’s a New Era
It’s a New Moondchild Era
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