Na Manzoori Lyrics Ash King | Hindi Song

Na Manzoori Lyrics Ash King Is Latest Punjabi Song, Naveen Tyagi Has Written Na Manzoori Song Lyrics and Has Music By Sundeep Gosswami. Video Is Released By Label Indie Music Label.

Na Manzoori Lyrics Ash King

Na Manzoori Ash King Song Credits:

Singer : Ash King
Music : Sundeep Gosswami
Lyrics : Naveen Tyagi

Na Manzoori Youngveer Official Video Song

Na Manzoori Lyrics Ash King

Tera Aur Mera Rishta Hai Aashmani
Sikwe Zameeni Bewajah
Duniya Sunegi Ik Dooje Ki Zubaani
Apne Dilon Ki Daastan

Boond Sa Main Hua
Aur Bani Tu Ghataa
Haan Main Hoon Tujh Sa
Aur Hai Tu Mujh Sa

Kaisi Bhi Ho Ye Doori
Dete Hai Na Manzori
Humne Kiya Hai Wada
Saath Ka Har Dafa (x2)

Wade Iraade Shartein Hai Aajmani
To Phir Hai Kya Faayda
O Jaane Anjaane Humne Yeh Baat Maani
Kyu Na Jiye Bakaayda

Main Hua Tinke Sa
Aur Bani Tu Hawa
Behte Hai Dono
Rehte Hai Dono

Kaisi Bhi Ho Ye Doori
Dete Hai Na Manzori
Humne Kiya Hai Wada
Saath Ka Har Dafa (x2)

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ABOUT Ash King

Ash King hails from a family of musicians who has shaped his relationship with music. His grandfather Brajendra Lal Ganguly was the first Indian classical music teacher at Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore's home and school Shantiniketan, and also a prominent freedom fighter for India and close ally of Subhas Chandra Bose and first cousin of Kishore Kumar's father. King spent his childhood surrounded by celebrated musical artists with whom his father worked closely with. Music has always run in his family. His father used to perform with Ravi Shankar in India back in the sixties. He recalls that when he was very young, George Harrison visited their house at Wembley as he was into Indian classical music. His mother hails from Karamsad, Gujarat. Influenced early on by joining a Gospel choir and listening to soul artists such as Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Al Green and Luther Vandross, King's style and flavor deliver a sound that is easy on the ear and alluring even for those who aren't drawn to his specialized genre. However, you would be mistaken to think King's talents lie in just the one genre.

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